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Pyjama Party Girl

Cooking: Richard Corrigan or ready-made? Ready-made but I do make a good Spanish omelette.

Wardrobe: Penneys or Prada? Penneys but Prada one day.

Fashion: victim or setter? Somewhere in between. I would quite like to wear my PJs all day, if I could!

Shopping: twice a season or twice a week? I probably stock up twice a season or less. I would buy a good pair of shoes or trousers or something that would last.

Holidays: Discover Ireland or discover the world? Discover the world, money permitting.

Drink: Guinness or Grey Goose? I would drink white wine or a light beer like a Corona or a Bulmers when the sun comes out.

Location: Northside notable or Southside star? Southside star; I grew up in Templeogue.

Weekends: Down the local or cruising Krystle? I like a bar that's edging towards a club.

Beauty regime: One minute or one hour? Usually a minute. My hair dries straight so I can go out with wet hair.

Money: rainy day or live for today? Live for today. I spend my money on things like books, going for coffee and eating out.

Commute: public transport or pay the meter? I walk if I can, otherwise I take public transport.

Property: Smell the sea or see the smog? I would love to live by the sea. I went to St Andrew's University in Scotland for four years and that was beside the sea.

Pets: dog devotee or cat crusader? Dog devotee. I would love to have a dog now but it wouldn't be fair as I spend half my time in London

Health: alternative or aspirin? Both. If I'm really in pain I take aspirin but I don't like the idea of antibiotics.

Technology: technophobe or techno savvy? I am a complete technophobe. I need help setting things up on computers.

On your iPod: Beyoncé or Bach? I think there's room for both.

Reading: chick-lit or not in a fit? I don't generally go for chick-lit but if it's a good story I'll read it.

TV: Reality TV drama or real TV drama? Real TV drama. I watch box sets mostly such as for The West Wing, The Wire and Arrested Development.

Gráinne plays one of the witches in Macbeth in The Abbey from April 7th to May 15th