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Priest role taking its toll, admits Gleeson

MOVIE star Brendan Gleeson (57) admits he's exhausted in his latest role on location in north Dublin -- which is being filmed in just five weeks.

Gleeson, who lives in Malahide, was speaking to the Herald on the set of John McDonagh's dark comedy Calvary, which is being shot in nearby Rush.

The character is the opposite of Sergeant Gerry Boyle in McDonagh's last film, The Guard.

Gleeson is now cast as honest and kind priest trying to bring some good into his small country town. Gleeson praised the director and cast but said the intense schedule is taking its toll on him:

"It's too intense. We're doing this in five weeks. There's just too much pressure to be honest."

He said he doesn't even have time to go for a pint with his co-stars.