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Pregnant smoker Stacey just the latest target of 'minivan majority'

HEARD of the minivan majority? They're the mammies who drive the minivans. Or SUVs. Or people carriers. To negotiate the rocky terrain of Dundrum.

Even though they're actually in the minority, they are so judgmental and so opinionated on how other mammies raise their kids and so consumed with what celebrities like Angelina are doing with theirs, they are practically a ruling majority.

They're so powerful that the people who carry out political polls have identified them as a target group who can swing an election. Advertisers have long known that it is mammies that make most of the key purchasing decisions in a house.

The biggies, such as where you buy your home, where your children will go to school, where you go on holidays.

The minivan majority are the mammy mafioso who can consign you and your child to sleep with the fishes, socially, if you're seen stuffing a Danish pastry into them in Superquinn, to shut them up.

The pictures that emerged this week of singer Stacey Solomon smoking while pregnant are meat and two veg to the minivan majority. Mobilising the mob, they got into full judgmental swing online.

At seven months pregnant, Stacey claimed that her doctor told her that it would be too stressful to give up. She also turned up on breakfast TV, begging the minivan camp for forgiveness.

Now while I refuse to believe any medic would say that lighting up is preferable to stubbing out when you're pregnant, I do know that heaping stress on top of a pregnant woman is not medically recommended. Stacey probably saw the papers and the first urge she had was to have a fag.

I just wish the anti-smoking lobby would back off. They've been huffing and puffing online all week about it not being the baby's choice. No one, including Stacey herself, is saying 'sure light up.

May as well get the baby used to all of those poisonous toxins in the womb so he or she will be acclimatised when they make their debut into the world and the smoke-filled home of their mum'.

Stacey is fully aware of the fact that babies won't develop as well if their mum smokes and it can lead to the birth of a low-weight baby. Whatever happened to encouraging women like Stacey to quit with some support, and saying well done for at least cutting down?

Sure that just wouldn't suit the minivan mob. Much more satisfying to peer down your virtuous, non-smoking nose at the mammies who are getting it all wrong.