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Playboy hopeful Shahira packs her bunny ears and sets up home in California

SHE became a regular visitor at the Playboy mansion during her stint there last year and now model Shahira Barry has decided to return to Hollywood full time.

The 23-year-old is today flying over to Los Angeles to begin a three-year journey in la-la land.

Galway lass Shahira decided to pack her bags and set up home in California within weeks of returning from an extended holiday in the US in 2013 - and is hoping that with a working visa in hand, she'll get offered another job by Hugh Hefner (88).

"I was in LA for three months before and I made some very good contacts, among them Hef, who is a lovely man," she told the Diary.

"Last time I was never able to do the magazine but I was offered a test photo shoot to be a playmate - but I couldn't without a proper visa.


"So fingers crossed something will come about this time around now that I know I can stay for three years and work. It's something I could really consider and I'm still friends with everyone I met through Playboy initially," she said.

The dark-haired beauty will attend the famous Midsummer's Night Dream party at the publishing mogul's mansion on August 16 and is counting down the days until the star-studded occasion.

"I can't wait for that because it's meant to be a great night and a lot of interesting people will be there," she said.

"I used to go to the mansion on the weekends a lot and call in on a Sunday afternoon, which is the family day, and bring some flowers.

"It'll be great to get to enjoy a proper party there."


For Shahira, getting to lap up the Hollywood lifestyle is a dream come true.

"Ever since I can remember, Los Angeles was where I wanted to be. And for me, it's not about 'breaking America', it's about having the opportunities to do what I really love, like singing, acting, dancing and modelling."

One of the first things that Shahira wants to do once she touches down on American soil is line up shoots and potential video appearances.

She's already got meetings set up with a well-known record producer and music manager, who has wanted to work with Shahira since he first met her last year.

"I know I have to work really hard, and it is not a holiday, but I am passionate about what I want to do, and I've always had to work for anything I wanted," she said.

"I'm not part of any jet-set."