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Pippa's still in demand on catwalk

Top model Pippa O'Connor (inset) has hit back at speculation that she's hanging up her modelling shoes.

She said that while it was a natural thing for her to branch out into other areas after becoming a mum to 16-month-old Ollie and also marking her milestone 30th birthday, she was still keeping her hand in the beauty game.

"When you've got a family, you have to be able to do things that suit you more and being able to work from home is a bonus," she said.

Family"All that matters is that you're there for your kids so I do whatever suits me. Years ago, I would have put myself out more to do things that would help my career whereas now, I just prioritise things that suit both me and Ollie. You get to the stage where you realise there's more to life and that happens when you start your family."

The Kildare-born beauty is continuing to model several times a week - but just makes sure to work it around her schedule.

"I'm doing less modelling but this week for example, I did three jobs and some weeks I'll do none. I'll still try and keep my toes in."