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Pain being vain but that's what old age does...

AS I start doing more telly, I've begun thinking more about my appearance. I thought I'd never be the man who groomed and, god forbid, cared about what people thought of my appearance. But my wife has had a few digs about how vain I've got in the last year and she's right. I go for physio every week.

The body's getting older and the bones are creaking. I've built exercise into my week religiously. I swim three to four times, do kettle-bells and run. It keeps the weight off and my head from exploding.

One of the most stupid things I've done was not look after my teeth. I keep thinking of that poem we learned in school; "Oh I wish I looked after my teeth and spotted the dangers beneath". I'm contemplating getting my teeth whitened but I'm terrified of dentists. But I know if I use a home whitening kit, I'll make a balls of it.