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Out! and about: Art

Nearly two years ago when I bought my home, I started looking for a nice homo painting to copy, and for nearly two years such a painting has evaded my searches.

I have always had a passion for art and painting, but when it comes to gay art, I usually cringe. When I see it in other people's homes, I usually feel embarrassed for the person. To me, it generally lacks subtlety, which, in my humble opinion, is what art in your home should be about.

I love Tom Finland's art, for example, even though it lacks subtlety -- it's all about homo men being men, it's very erotic, but it's not the type of stuff I would want up on the wall; and I'm sure my parents or any relative with small children would have a heart attack if I did have it up.

Perhaps its place should be the bedroom, but even there I still cringe when I see his art in other homo lads' bedrooms.

A few days ago, though, while I had my paints and canvas ready, I finally came across some of the most subtle, understated and quietly erotic homo art I have ever seen; the type of art that you could have up on the wall in your sitting room that would simply leave any visitors wondering what the painting was about.

Certainly, some of the paintings are homo clichés, but in very few of them are the male figures even touching each other, and when they are, it is the sensitivity of the touch that makes the painting erotic, as opposed to blatantly sexual. To me, the beauty of the paintings lies in capturing two men doing very ordinary, daily things.

The artist's name is Steve Walker and you can find his work at www.stevewalkerartist.com. It is the best homo art I've come across, so take a look.