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Out! and about

I have never really thought of myself as 'the other woman' -- the mistress type -- that is, of course, up until last weekend, when I went out for drinks with a friend in a long-term relationship.

One thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. I have been friends with this lad on and off for more than seven years and throughout that period of time I have always felt a strong attraction to him, not just because he is very handsome, but also because he's a really caring person and I admire him in so many ways.

But when we woke up the next morning, I asked him if his other half would not be worried about where he had been all night. He said that he wouldn't be and that he was used to it. Not that it was something he did often, but that there was a sort of acceptance that after nearly a decade in the relationship, there just wasn't much fun in the bedroom anymore, and so the occasional infidelity was acceptable in the relationship. But it didn't finish there -- my friend proposed we make this a regular occurrence, "an affair", so to speak, purely based on our physical attraction.

Being the drama queen that I am, my immediate thoughts spiralled into flashes of steamy mid-week passion, rushed embraces, hotel rooms ... But then I started thinking about my friend's partner -- this other man sitting at home watching Coronation Street, or with the dinner on the table waiting for his partner to come home, wondering where he might be or if something was going on.

I'd hate it if someone did that to me. Even if the occasional infidelity was acceptable, an affair is different and not something I wanted to part of.

If I'm with a man, I want him all to myself, so I have to rule out the role of the 'other woman'.