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Now you can get to check out Dorothy's iconic dress for real

LIONS and tigers and bears – Oh My! This month Judy Garland's gingham pinafore for The Wizard of Oz will be making its way to the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style.

The pint-sized pinny and crisp white blouse are almost as iconic as her ruby red slippers which were snapped up last year for €367,000 in Beverly Hills.

Although several identical dresses were made for the production, the dress on display is the only version seen in the 1939 film and the only complete original dress to survive.



The dress was made by the famous MGM costume designer Adrian Greenberg.

"I feel as if the Wizard himself has given us a gift to share with fans at the Museum of Style Icons," CEO of the museum, William Doyle, said.

The dress will sit alongside Judy Garland's "Manuela" ivory satin wedding dress designed by Tom Keogh from 1948 film The Pirate.