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No Vegas wedding for Christine and Frank

THEY have been tipped for a "quickie" Las Vegas wedding, but friends of Christine Bleakley say it has to be a family affair for her.

The US party town has a special meaning for the Irish ITV host as it is the place where she said 'yes' to long-tern boyfriend and Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard (34).

Two years on, the couple have yet to make their vows.

As wedding rumours continue to plague the loved-up pair, friends say a quick trip to Las Vegas to seal the deal is becoming more and more likely.

While Christine (34) is not ruling out a return to the city for her nuptials, she is worried about her loved ones missing out on the big day.

"Christine was originally bemused by all the wedding rumours – she's now annoyed," explained a pal of the star.

"She never thought it would be such a big deal and she's fed up with it.

"There are times that she and Frank have thought about a Vegas wedding – just the two of them – and having a party back home.

"It would be so much easier and they would love to just announce they are married and avoid a huge media fuss.

"But they are both very family orientated and they don't want to disappoint people so it is unlikely they will follow through with the idea," added the friend.

It is thought that Lampard does not want his daughters – Isla and Luna – to miss the celebration, while Down girl Christine is very close to her family.

The London-based couple are currently on holidays on the island of Formentera, Spain, with Christine's sister Nicola and her husband where they have been spotted on board a luxury yacht.

Chelsea and England international Lampard rubbished reports that the pair have put back wedding plans, admitting that they have yet to start organising their big day.

"We never had any wedding planned but we certainly are going to get married. But we'd love to do it when no-one knows and we're just done. That'll be our style, I think."

Lampard has just published his first children's book, Frankie's Magic Football: Frankie vs The Pirate Pillagers.