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No need for home comforts with all this food

I PACKED home comforts, including Irish tea and coffee, but so far the local beverages and cuisine in Azerbaijan have been great.

My attitude when I'm away is that you have to get into the local foods, you can't be afraid to give it a go, otherwise what's the point?

So on that note, I'm exploring all Baku has to offer from the kitchen and I must say, I'm really liking it.

Vegetable salads with caviar, boiled fish and sour cream and Ryza-Kyusla meatballs with rice are some of the favourites.

I've become obsessed with the traditional tea, it's absolutely amazing and with the hot weather too it's perfect, works a treat.

And there'll be zero chance of any of us going hungry this week -- the people of Azerbaijan adore their grub.

The local food is just exceptional - and everyone seems to have a serious sweet tooth.

I'm definitely going to have to watch what I eat when I get back to Dublin because even at breakfast the cakes are laid on.

They love desserts and everywhere you go there's something delicious in front of you.

There'll be no ordering of battered cod and chips for me over the next few days, that's for sure.

And of course, wherever you turn there are kebabs, but I haven't ventured down that road yet.

This is the furthest east we've ever been for a Eurovision competition and I must say the city is very welcoming, even though it's different.

There are a lot of flags hanging and you can tell they are a proud nation.

You wouldn't think it s a Muslim country - everyone's out and about in shorts.

The supermarkets even sell wine and beer, so they're quite westernised.

For me, I think this time around could be extra special - out of all the years I've been commentating on the contest, this is by far the best in terms of venue.

The place is astonishing. They've built the hall in less than a year and it's better than we've ever had.

I'm usually looking around for water and air but now we have proper, specially built booths - with air conditioning.

Most of today will be spent in my little booth as tonight is the big semi-final for Jedward. It'll be a long day, but I can't wait.

I was introduced as VIP's Most Stylish man yesterday which was funny, but I do have my suit ready to go.

Some of the commentators will go in wearing jeans, but I can't do that -- I'll be in my Sunday best tonight.