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No big budget or pay rises for Love/Hate stars

THE show may be an award-winning phenomenon, but Love/Hate actor Laurence Kinlan has revealed that the cast haven't seen pay rises over the years.

The Dubliner admitted that although the gangland crime series has grown in popularity with each season, RTE does not allow them a bigger budget.

Laurence, who plays Elmo in the programme, told the Herald that his Love/Hate salary has not increased.

"Everyone thinks you're loaded no matter what; it isn't a bigger budget, it's all the same and it's all the same people from day one," he said.

"No one was looking for pay rises or anything like that because they knew if they did they weren't going to get anything.

"Nobody has asked for any more money."

The fifth series of the popular show is due to air this October.

Last night RTE wouldn't comment on pay for Love/Hate actors because "there are commercial sensitivities involved".

Kinlan recently became a father for the second time and also said that being part of Love/Hate does not necessarily guarantee offers of bigger roles.

"Some projects just don't have the money and you do them because you want to, or you like what the director has done before," he said.


"It certainly doesn't help in the sense that people believe you've done that successful show so the offers flood in.

"Before Love/Hate I'd done enough work that you'd be offered the odd thing; you always get offered the stuff that isn't amazing.

"Stuff you really want to do is always what you have to audition for," he added.

Having portrayed Elmo for some time now, Laurence said that there can be a fear that he will be typecast.

However, he will play Independent Tony Gregory in the forthcoming three-part drama about the late Taoiseach Charles Haughey.