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New wife Jacqui is in no rush to become a mum

SPORTS presenter Jacqui Hurley is too loved up with her hubby to think about having children yet.

The RTE personality has no plans to follow in the footsteps of her colleague Evanne Ni Chuilinn by going on maternity leave anytime soon.

Jacqui, who married long-term boyfriend Shane McMahon last June, is looking forward to another year of wedded bliss before hearing the patter of tiny feet.

"You get married and everyone is straight away going 'jeez, when are you going to have a baby?' But to be honest, we're very, very happy right now."

Last year was a busy one for the presenter, who spent a lot of time fundraising following the death of her brother Sean in a tragic road accident in 2011.

She is now looking forward to spending more quality time with her husband in 2013 before they add to their family.

"It is something that we've discussed and I'd love to have a baby in the future, but right now we're both so focused on having a good year and I just want to enjoy married life for a while first."