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New mum Michelle steps away from the studio to bond with baby boy Max

SHE'S adapting to life as a parent and Michelle Doherty has no plans on returning to work anytime soon.

The Donegal native told the Diary that unless an out-of-this-world offer comes her way, she's got no intention of getting back in front of the cameras before the end of the year.

TV3 host Michelle and her partner Mark O'Shea welcomed their son Max three weeks ago in London.

The baby came three weeks ahead of his due date.

"I've nothing lined up and I'm going to take things easy for a while and enjoy him to be honest, because you really just want to take in every moment and it's all so new," Michelle said.

"If something amazing came up I'd seriously consider it, but Max is my main priority now."


With her little addition arriving in the UK where the couple are based, Michelle and Mark's parents have been back and forth to spend time with their grandson.

Michelle's mum and dad touched down yesterday.

"It's scary that we're in England away from our family, but at the same time it's good for Mark and I to get to know him and to figure it out ourselves," she said.

"It makes you stronger and even closer as a partnership too, which is wonderful." Michelle finished up her six-month stint stepping in for Aisling O'Loughlin on Xpose earlier this summer.

With co-anchor Karen Koster now pregnant, Michelle joked that she could be asked back on another maternity leave slot.


"You never know, that would be quite funny though, like a tag team.

"Xpose came about unexpected before so I never worry about things like that. I believe everything happens for a reason," she said.

Lisa Cannon and co have already been in touch to congratulate her.

"They're all fabulous, that was an important six months for me and we've established lovely relationships with one another."

At the moment the former Phantom FM DJ is surviving on two hours sleep a night, but insisted she wouldn't change it.

"It's a big change and even though I love kids, it's completely different when they're your own as they depend on you for everything, so it's a big responsibility.

"We're learning and getting to know each other and I'm literally living off hardly any sleep so it's emotional.

"It's unreal though; it's love like you've never felt before and it's intense."