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New Fifty Shades book is one of top sellers of the year

Booksellers Eason have revealed that Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey, as told by the main character Christian, has become their third best- selling book this year.

The high sales figures has been accomplished in less than one week.

"It's no mean feat when you consider the huge success of titles such as The Girl on the Train, American Sniper, and the books from the various YouTube bloggers," an Eason spokeswoman told the Herald.

Over one million copies of the latest instalment in the famous erotic fiction series have been sold globally and it has enjoyed similar success here, according to an Eason spokeswoman. "It has out-sold its nearest rival by almost 4-to-1 in its first week, so the appetite for the sequel in Ireland is definitely there."

Nielesen, a leading global information and measurement company, has revealed that 8,164 copies of the book have been sold in the Republic which is worth €75,693.80.

But books in the series have frequently met with poor critical receptions yet continue to defy what the critics are saying through their high popularity with readers.

"They were the first books of their kind to be discussed so openly around the water cooler, and I think people were very intrigued to see what the fuss was all about.


In 2012, they were the books that everybody had to read, and that everybody wanted to talk about," an Eason spokeswoman added.

It comes after last week when the nationwide booksellers revealed that pre-orders for the latest instalment in the series saw record levels, as the book has sold 240pc more copies than the next highest pre-ordered book ever for the booksellers.

The Fifty Shades series has sold 440,000 copies in Ireland in total.

Meanwhile, the first installment Fifty Shades Of Grey, looks set to notch up another record and become the fastest selling DVD of the year so far in the UK, shifting 379,000 copies after three days, according to the UK's Official Charts Company.