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Nadia in bedside vigil for her dying mother

MOdel and singer Nadia Forde has been reconciled with her sick mother.

The 24-year-old's mum recently called the model and singer to say she had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer and was dying.

It is believed Nadia took the first available flight to England and has been at her mother's hospital bedside in London ever since.


Nadia's parents split when she was seven and the Dubliner and her brother were raised by their gran.

Before finding out about her mother's illness, Nadia told of their broken relationship and a meeting that she believed, at the time, would be their last conversation.

"I thought, 'This is it. We were going to have a mother and daughter connection, everything would finally be okay'," Nadia said.

"But it then got to a place where I had to remove myself from the situation very quickly."