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my secrets to looking good for cameras

OBVIOUSLY I will be on camera under the lights five nights a week next year when my show, Ireland Live at 10, kicks off, so looking presentable is part of my job description.

It's been a while since I've been on telly, but I've been getting myself ready to look as good as I can, by way of keeping fit, staying healthy and looking after myself.

I'm not a gym bunny, so my workout is nothing extravagant I'm afraid, but I do walk a lot and run when my knees allow it.

I try to do a five or 10km 
run when I can during the year.

My preparation for the next day, and the time when I can clear my head, is when I head out for evening walks with our two dogs Zac and Izzy.


We go down to the beach and stretch the legs, it's fantastic.

People often ask if I'll move closer into the city, but the beauty of where I live is that I'm close to beaches and still 25 minutes from Dublin.

I do look after what I eat too, I'm careful, although I still enjoy my food. I love eating out in restaurants and that's our special treat over the weekends, dining with the family.