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'My next dream job is to act on the small screen', says Nadia Forde


Nadia Forde says it's difficult dealing with her mum's death

Nadia Forde says it's difficult dealing with her mum's death

Nadia Forde says it's difficult dealing with her mum's death

Model-turned-singer Nadia Forde hopes to turn her hand to acting.

Since leaving the Australian jungle on I'm A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here, Nadia has filmed a reality show for TV3, recorded some new music and had a guest appearance in West End show West End Men.

The ambitious brunette now wants to pursue a career on the small screen.

"An acting job would be my next dream job," she said. "I would definitely like to do something like a drama or a soap.

"I've acted on RTE's Republic of Telly and that was one of my favourite jobs. Turning up to film this comedy- style show put me in a great mood.

"I always had such a fun day at work. I also love doing stage because it marries singing and acting together.

"I'm that jazz hands girl. I love it."

The Clontarf native credits I'm A Celebrity with giving her new areas to work in and for launching her career in the UK.

"It's changed my life personally because when everything is taken away from you and you go back to basics you realise what's real in your life and not real," she said.


"It also opened my eyes to the industry in the UK, good and bad. It's given me a whole new area to work in. I'm just trying to have fun and enjoy myself."

Nadia's desire to move into the acting sphere comes as it was revealed last month that she made less than €25 from online streams of her two singles.

The 26-year-old earned a mere €24.40 in royalties from Spotify sales of her songs.

Her debut track, BPM, has been streamed 3,627 times on the popular music site, while Haunted was listened to 1,000 times.

While artists get paid €0.006 for every stream, record companies take their cut before the rest makes its way back to the singer.

Nadia was set to release some new music, but her plans were put on hold when her mum, Bernice, died last month.

Since then Nadia has been spending time with her family before she throws herself back into work.

It's thought her next release will be her single called Stuck.

"I've taken some time off. I'm back auditioning and I was going to release a single but I stopped because of the family stuff, so it's all going to start again," she said.