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My diet book has been great - but forget that novel

THIS summer I published my new book, Diet SOS, and I've definitely caught the writing bug.

I have a couple of literary projects in the pipeline, but what I
really would love to do is be a children's author.

I'm a mother-of-two, so I know about the world of parenting and I think it's something I'd enjoy, so watch this space.

I have another idea for a book too that I reckon could work, but I will absolutely rule out penning a novel.

It woudn't be an area I'd be strong in.

I must admit, never in my wildest dreams did I think my diet book would be selling on the other side of the world.


Diet SOS is now on shelves in Australia and America as well as the UK, and that was always an ambition.

It's very exciting for me and it was something on my bucket list.

It was a very personal journey, as it focuses on my weight loss from being a size 18 and how my life changed after that. It was a wonderful project to be part of and it is huge to see it sell well.

Getting to write the books has been a lot of fun for me, but having the opportunity to travel back and forth to the UK to join the crew on ITV in London has been equally as enjoyable.


I started out with a fashion piece over on This Morning almost one year ago and it's now going better than ever.

I initially started on the summer schedule and I am so glad to be continuing with it.

I love it, because it's sort of like a mini holiday for me too every time I go - I'm away from everything.

They have a fabulous team of people on the programme and there is so much scope to evolve with it.

We'll see where it all goes from here, but
for now I'm having a ball and just running with it - and I've made some long-lasting friends from being involved with the programme.