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My boyfriend's happier with my good-girl role says Fair City's Aoibhin

FROM tantalising temptress to all- round good girl, Fair City star Aoibhin Garrihy says her character is off men – and that's exactly the way her boyfriend likes it.

The Castleknock actress has been playing screen siren Neasa for three years, and the eldest of the Dillon daughters initially caused quite a stir when she first arrived on the show

After a whirlwind entrance that included a brief fling with married man Damien and her doomed romance with wheelchair-bound Turlock, it is all quiet in the love stakes for the party girl turned bar owner.

"She came in as a very different character, she was a bit of a home wrecker," Aoibhin told the Diary.



"I don't know what it is, when the writers get to know you they start to write with you in mind and I wouldn't be of that nature so she in turn has tamed down.

"I think she's better off on her own to be honest and I'm not too fond of the idea of pushing a pram around Carrigstown," added the 25-year-old.

Off screen, the slender blonde is happily loved-up with her boyfriend John Burke, who runs the Armada Hotel in picturesque Spanish Point, Co Clare.

Speaking about her character's dwindling romance on the popular soap, Aoibhin said: "It doesn't really bother me at all, if I was depending on that for a bit of action, I would be badly off.

"My boyfriend certainly prefers it that way," she said laughing.

As clean-living Neasa attempts to hold her family together on the soap, skeletons continue to tumble out of her parent's closet and it will be a hectic summer for the chatty actress.

And Aoibhin warns that this is just the "tip of the iceberg" for the warring clan.

"I think it will be the main storyline for the next few months so it's hectic there, we're flat out with it, but we love working together. We feel like a family."

When she is not busy with her dysfunctional, fictional family, Aoibhin has been busy working with her real-life family business.

Her dad recently set up Dublin Bay Cruises (dublinbaycruises.com).

"This is something that I have gotten quite involved with from the PR and marketing side of things so it's a nice break from the day job," she told the Diary.