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My boyfriend's away, tweeted actress Helen - just before the burglars struck

FORMER Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan (22) was held hostage by armed raiders at her €3.2m home.

The actress said she feared the three masked men would kill her.

The raid occurred just hours after she tweeted that her Manchester City footballer boyfriend, Scott Sinclair (24), was away and she was home alone.

"I could have been killed," the actress told a friend after she was released.

Three masked men armed with a saw and a screwdriver broke into the couple's Cheshire, England, home on Monday night, shortly after midnight. Helen was there with a female friend.

The three men made a number of threats to Helen and locked the two women into a room.

They later fled with jewellery worth thousands of euro, and a mobile phone.

"Helen's shaken up, she feared for her life. The men threatened her and a friend with a saw then shut them in a room and held them hostage.

"Helen though she was going to be attacked or even killed. She keeps bursting into tears and saying she couldn't been murdered," said a pal.

"She was screaming at them, 'Take what you want – just let us go'. It's a miracle neither are hurt."

And the actress regrets posting such information on Twitter.

"She knows it was daft for her to share on Twitter that she was home alone. Helen is such an open person. She'd never think villains would be looking at Twitter," the source said.

Helen is best known for playing Rosie Webster in Coronation Street, a role which she quit in 2012.