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Voice winner's still working as a part-time carer

VOICE of Ireland winner Keith Hanley is still working part-time as a carer despite gearing up for his first nationwide album release.

The young singer, who released his new single Blue two weeks ago, said he feels the pressure to succeed after being crowned the second winner of the RTE talent show.

A cover of Blue by Eiffel 65 is Keith's first release since his winning track Beggin' reached number 37 in the charts last May, and is currently positioned in the top 30.

"Blue is doing reasonably well," Keith told the Herald.

"It's early days, but it's all about radio play."

The 20-year-old is optimistic that the release tomorrow of his first album, Hush, will be a success, but said he would continue his role as a carer in St Joseph's Foundation in Cork, looking after adults and children who have special needs.


"I still work there, but I have reduced it to part-time," he said. "I'm doing a 12-hour shift this week, so I'm up and down from Cork all the time.

"In the future, I might have the option where I might not be able to work because of my music, but if I can do even one day a week that would be enough."

Keith, who is signed to Universal Records, admitted he would like to have been able to release an original song as his new single.

"I'm only learning about this industry and obviously I wanted my own stuff to come out," he said.

"But it's all about grabbing people's attention, and an original track might not be the best at doing that."

Keith is looking forward to catching up with his ex-mentor Jamelia (inset) when she performs on the Voice of Ireland in two weeks' time,

He said there are no hard feelings between them after she revealed she was prevented from working with him on his album.

"There's no dark cloud over us, we're happy out," he added.