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Una wants daughter to learn Irish heritage, but for now Aoife giggles at Gaeilge

POP star Una Foden has revealed how she has kept her British-born daughter in touch with her Irish heritage, by teaching her a 'cupla focal Gaeilge'.

The Tipperary native, who has dominated the charts with girl group The Saturdays, has charmed the world by staying true to her Irish roots.

And she seems to be making sure her toddler daughter Aoife Belle does too.

The 32-year-old recently celebrated her only daughter's second birthday by having her family over, and it was just in time for the Six Nations success and St Patrick's Day too.

"It's very important for me that Aoife be in touch with her Irish heritage. She knows a few Irish words: the word 'Gaeilge', which means 'Irish', is her favourite because she finds it so funny, it always makes her giggle," she revealed on her blog yesterday.

Last week she mused on her Twitter account about enrolling her daughter into Irish dancing lessons, but admitted that she might wait until the child is a bit older.

Thurles woman Una has been living in England for several years, and married rugby player Ben Foden almost two years ago. However, Ireland will always be her home, and she revealed that she would like to eventually own a house here.

"I make sure to stay in touch with family and friends in Ireland. I definitely want to have a house there someday to spend summers in," she said.

"When I first started in The Saturdays, the girls loved when I used random words – instead of hello I would say 'well', like we did in my hometown."


Last week Una's parents spent several days with their daughter's family in her English home, much to Una's delight, as she loves her young daughter getting to know them.

"I had such a lovely, family-filled week. Everyone came over for Aoife's birthday and St Patrick's Day," she said.

"It's so nice because she's at the stage where she knows their names so she can start properly getting to know them all."