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U2 tickets now being re-sold online for 10 times face value





Tickets for the sell-out U2 Dublin concerts were last night being re-sold for up to €1,770.

Thousands of fans were left disappointed yesterday morning after tickets for U2's The Innocence + Experience Tour in the 3arena in November sold out in just under 20 minutes.

However, tickets were being offered on one website for almost 10 times their face value.

The online market place Seatwave is an official market for buying and selling tickets, and is run by Ticketmaster.

The most expensive ticket was being offered at €1,500, with an additional €200 booking fee that is paid to the ticket company.

A spokesperson for Ticketmaster last night defended the initiative, stating that customers are guaranteed legitimate tickets.

"It happens everywhere, these tickets being re-sold, but the difference with Ticketmaster is that we guarantee legitimate tickets to ensure that fans are not left disappointed on the chance that they are purchasing fake tickets," the spokesperson told the Herald.

"We don't set the price of tickets, and normally when they are advertised for such an expensive price they are offered by people chancing their arm and are never bought for that amount."


Tickets were originally being sold for between €33.50 and €190. Getmein, another online market place managed by Ticketmaster, is offering tickets for over €2,000.

The most expensive tickets are €1,800, with an additional €613 processing fee.