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Twitter in a frenzy over Niall baby pics

THE brother of One Direction superstar Niall Horan sent Twitter into a frenzy yesterday when he opened up his family album and posted adorable baby snaps of his famous sibling.

A super cute picture of Greg Horan driving a yellow truck and pulling his blonde-haired blue-eyed baby brother Niall (inset) along in a plastic yellow trailer caused a sensation on the social network.


Greg Horan posted the picture of him looking after his baby brother with a sentimental post about their carefree childhood days in Westmeath.

"Well guys what do yee think of hero don't he look cute I wish I could re-live those days. Big love bro", he tweeted.

It came after he posted the first picture of Niall as a toddler to his 1.1 million followers with the tagline: "Girls there you go guess who."