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'This tour's going to be my last', says folk legend Finbar Furey


Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey

Finbar Furey

The former Fureys lead singer has revealed how his US shows this summer will be his last time touring.

Finbar Furey (68), who headed the folk band along with his three brothers, said he will miss the touring scene despite its tough schedule.

He is due to play in cities including Nashville and San Francisco, but it will be for the final time.

"I'm heading to the US in August for three weeks, to promote the new album, and then it'll be my last," Finbar said.

"It's tough going, playing for three weeks non-stop, but I'll miss it. Meeting up with different artists and playing a few sets, it's great."

However, he has pledged to continue playing concerts and sets around Ireland.

The musician was speaking at the launch of the Ballymun Adult Read Write Scheme's book Songs and Stories. The centre helps adults gain literacy skills, providing tuition for those seeking help in learning how to read and write.

Finbar discussed the importance of having an access to educational services, saying such facilities simply weren't around when he grew up.

"This is a great service being provided here, and fair play to the people running it, they're doing a great job," he said.

"It was different when I was growing up in Ballyfermot, I learned how to read music before I could read and write.


"It's good, you can come to a place like this, where there is a well of knowledge, you can take a sip whenever you please and the well will never go dry."

Finbar discussed how his father had trouble securing primary school education for him when he was younger, but thankfully he was eventually placed in a school.

"It was tough back then, my father had trouble getting us into schools," the musician said.

"It might have been down to our background, but it was hard to get a place anywhere back then."

The folk star suffered a serious heart attack three years ago but he has fully recovered.

"I stopped having to take the tablets I had to after the heart-attack, and I'm in top form now thankfully," Finbar said.