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'There's more to singing than being a pretty rugby player'

CRAZY WORLD singer Christy Dignam made news recently after he slammed The Voice Of Ireland for making stars of the judges, a point he's happy to develop today, singling former Leinster player Bressie out for his greatest criticism.

"You should live and die by what you can do on a stage," he says, "not because you're a f**king great judge on The Voice or because you're a pretty f**king rugby player.

"That shouldn't be why your records are selling."

"I'm 30 years singing in bands," he continues, "and I'm still learning every day about being a singer in a band. So if you're off judging on panels for mediocre music shows and all that, you're not learning about being a singer.

"It's not about the music then, it's because you're f**king good-looking and you're on a f**king TV show."