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The Fan's verdict: ‘Justin Fever’ has finally turned me into a Belieber

WALKING into the O2 last night, I wasn’t quite sure if I had fully caught the recent dose of ‘Bieber Fever’ that seems to have taken hold of the country. A couple of hours later, I had made up my mind: I am now a Belieber.

I’ve seen some of the biggest pop acts in the world perform in this arena, and his loud fans made even my ears hurt when Justin finally took to the stage.

He’s an impressive vocalist, and his slick dance moves went down a treat. And it wasn’t long before his fans turned green with envy as one lucky girl was brought on stage and presented with flowers.

He disappeared quite a lot, returning every time wearing a different outfit, but there were plenty of videos to keep us entertained. Some even featured clips of Justin as a toddler and singing the alphabet.

The crowd sang along with such enthusiasm and joy that it might as well have been one of his hit singles.

Will Smith’s son Jaden made an appearance during the single Never Say Never, and his younger sister, Willow, also entertained us. Other highlights included Justin dangling from the ceiling in a giant heart and the brilliant encore, with biggest hit, Baby. Overall, it was a great performance – thrilling from start to finish.