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'The band has always been good, but my voice is better than ever,' says Bono





Bono has often been accused of liking the sound of his own voice - but the U2 frontman went a step further by bragging that he has never sounded as good.

The group are about to start the European leg of their Innocence + Experience tour and Bono thinks his voice sounds better than ever.

"We have momentum. Right now, our band has never been this - the band actually has been this good," he said.

"But to be honest, I haven't been this good as a singer. I know that.

"If I still have my voice at the end of this tour, we can make our best album. And that's what we got to do," he added.

The band waited five years before releasing their recent album, Songs of Innocence, a delay which Bono says was "inexcusable".

"The only thing that's worse than that, is a sh*te album," he added.

However, fans won't have to wait as long for their next instalment as they teased that their next album, Songs of Experience, will land in 2016.

"I think we've probably got 70pc of the material that we think will go onto it," bassist Adam Clayton said.

"We're writing a lot on the road," Bono added.

Bono (55) badly injured his arm in a biking accident in New York last winter and said it will be another six months before he knows if he'll be able to play guitar again.

"I was never good with it the guitar on stage but I miss it at as a songwriter," he admitted.

"Nerve damage heals by around 1mm per week which gives you about 18 months to see if it heals fully.


"I might have surgery that can get it back.

"I can play with one finger and I could go blind as well so you see where this is going," he laughed.

"But at the moment, I seem to have some other mechanical obstacles - not just nerves -to being able to bend my last two fingers on my left hand."

The band was being interviewed on American podcast U Talkin' U2 to Me? and drummer Larry Mullen Jnr said he's met lots of inspirational fans on the US leg of their tour.

"I met a kid the other day, and he said: 'I'm a street drummer like you, I taught myself how to play'," Larry said.

"I thought that was fantastic, it made me feel very proud."

They might already be planning their next album but they have yet to announce any Irish dates for their current tour. Their last confirmed shows are four dates in Paris finishing on November 15.