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Surprise as city gets The Feeling

English pop band The Feeling played a surprise gig in Belfast city centre on Wednesday lunchtime.

The five-piece attracted hundreds of supporters en route to a charity concert in the Republic of Ireland. They are playing in Limerick as part of the Guinness Arthur's Day on Thursday.

Dan Gillespie Sells, lead singer of The Feeling, said: "It's great to be back in Belfast and it was brilliant to play a surprise gig in the city centre."

They played at the bandstand at Cornmarket.

More of the world's best musical talent will be in Belfast for Arthur's Day. Kelis, Ash, The Enemy, Horslips, DJ Fresh and Cashier No.9 will play in the Ulster Hall.

As well as performing in the bigger venues, each of the studio artists will turn up in a pub for an intimate, surprise performance on the night.

The pub venues hosting studio artists are the Botanic Inn, the Errigle Inn, the Cloth Ear, Lavery's and the Empire Music Hall.