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Siva backs sister Hazel for Eurovision success

HE may be based full-time in the UK and marrying an English woman, but The Wanted star Siva Kaneswaran is fully behind Ireland's latest Eurovision entry.

The Dublin singer is backing his sister, Hazel Kaneswaran and her triumphant group Can-Linn, featuring Kasey Smith, to go all the way in Copenhagen in May.

While Siva was among the first to congratulate his sister and her team after the winner was announced on the Late Late Eurosong special last Friday, Hazel told the Herald that she will not be cashing in on her brother's international fame.

"Siva has nearly one million followers on Twitter so I could have asked him to tweet all about it, but I didn't," the mum of four said.

"Other acts were doing that, but we stayed out of that and the drama on Friday night because I just wanted it to be about our team of six on stage."