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Singing with Vanilla Ice...he was so lucky to get the chance say Jedward

Jedward have said that Vanilla Ice is lucky to have worked with them on their new single, Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby).

The quiff-haired twins have hit the number one spot on the Irish download charts this week with their collaboration with the American rapper, and believe that he should take it as "a huge compliment" to be working with them.

Edward said: "I think it's mad that, like, 20 years ago, even before we were born ... I can't believe we're getting to collaborate with Vanilla Ice. It's like a huge compliment to him that we're doing it. We were doing the video on Wednesday and it's going to be a really, really good music video."

In spite of stints on several reality shows in recent years, Vanilla Ice is still best known for the hit 1990 song.


Since first appearing on the X Factor, Jedward have earned a cult following, but their success hasn't left everyone happy for them. Their fellow contestants have been giving them the cold shoulder after the pair were given twice as many songs on the show's upcoming tour.

But John has defended the producers' decision to give the audience more Jedward.

John explained: "We have three or four songs, and the others have two. It's because of this year's show and all the stuff there was about us. We are not going to complain, it's what we are being told to do."

The upcoming 50-date tour of Ireland and Britain begins in less than two weeks.

Concert goers who struggle to distinguish between the identical twins will have an even tougher time now that they have officially become Jedward.

"On the show we always used to stand like 'John and Edward' anyway, because our names were like 'John and Edward' and it wasn't Jedward. Now that Jedward's stuck, we're going by Jedward as our name," John said.

"I think it's kind of cool because our fans came up with the name and it's just the way it worked out, because it's both John and Edward.

"My name isn't that long anyway, it's only four letters -- it couldn't go 'Je-hon-ward'. That'd be a bit weird."