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Script stunned and delighted after Grammy-winner Mayer invites them to join his tour

The Script will be joining Grammy-winning singer John Mayer on his upcoming tour after being personally invited by the star.

The Herald can reveal that the Dublin trio will be joining the US musician for the European leg of his tour starting in May, and are also considering joining him in the US later in the summer.

Just a few weeks ago, Mayer praised the Dublin band for their hit single Break Even, even suggesting that the song was such a success last year that it would be impossible to beat in 2010.

The boys said they were genuinely taken aback by getting such a warm response from the eight-time Grammy winning artist.

"For him to say that on his Twitter was just great -- I mean he has three million followers, what a platform," drummer Glen Power (28) told the Herald.

"I think that by getting our name out there on his Twitter page, that might have been a precursor for him to invite us. We'll actually be joining him on the European leg of his tour, but we might still be joining him in the US as well.

"We're huge fans of his anyway," Glen said.

The band's lead singer, Danny O'Donoghue (25), went on to praise Jennifer Aniston's ex, saying that they think their music will merge well.

"His music also has this cred but still has a pop sound which I think is kind of in line with our music," he said.

Although the boys have just began to hit it big in the US, they have no intention of moving Stateside.

"Right now, we reside in our suitcase," guitarist Mark Sheahan (27) said.

"We get such inspiration from Dublin, I don't think we'd be able to record too far away from here."