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Sade album notes return from exile

Her smooth jazz style set the mood for countless wine bars during the Eighties.

Now the reclusive singer is tipped to make the year's biggest comeback.

Famed for hits such as Your Love Is King, the Nigerian-born Sade Adu sold 50 million records.

But the Smooth Operator singer, worth an estimated €40m, has released just one album in the past 17 years.

Sade, now 50, moved to Spain and married the film maker Carols Scola, although they later divorced. She went to Jamaica to live with the music producer Bob Morgan, and their daughter.

Her Caribbean idyll ended in 1997 when a judge ordered her arrest after she failed to appear on charges of reckless driving and she vowed never to return.

Sony bosses, casting about to follow the success of Susan Boyle, will release her new album, Soldier Of Love on February 8.