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ROCK THE WEEK: sisters of mercy

I'm sure Andrew Eldritch (right) will have a good chuckle at the portents of the Sisters of Mercy performing on a night with the ominous date 11-11-11. Legions of Goths will doubtless be wondering if the world is going to end as they put their make-up on while Eldritch and his cohorts get ready to present an evening of doom-laden tunes.

There's always been something inherently funny about Goth and the Sisters of Mercy -- and their offshoot The Mission -- had a dark humour about them. Covering a song by Hot Chocolate might have seemed perverse but when you consider that the song in question was Emma, a bleak tale of thwarted dreams and suicide, then Eldritch's choice seemed doubly amusing.

Even when they made their big breakthrough in 1987 with the Floodland album they were playing fast and loose with their image as the Dark Lords of Goth. For starters, getting Meatloaf mastermind Jim Steinman to produce the Top 10 hit This Corrosion was a hilarious move, yet his over-the-top treatment actually sits really well with Eldritch's doom-laden, apocalyptic lyrics. Great fun altogether.

So, while there will be plenty of wraith-like Morticias knocking about Dame Street tonight remember that it's not all doom and gloom, unless, of course, the world hasn't ended by then.


Sisters of Mercy play the Olympia tonight.