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Pop flop Jordan aims to keep on singing

Katie Price has vowed to continue singing -- despite her latest single being received as a chart flop.

The glamour-model-turned-reality-star said she would probably not promote her next release with a dance routine as she found it was "too much pressure".

Last week Price pulled the plug on a high-profile live music show at G-A-Y, days after limping to number 60 in the singles chart with Free To Love Again, despite a whirl of interviews.

But the star, who conceded she is "not a Whitney Houston", told ITV's This Morning that she will be free to sing again.

Price, who has been busy promoting her new book Paradise, said: "I am going to bring out something again.

"The reason I didn't do G-A-Y is you have to do two songs -- they wanted me to do two songs.

"And obviously because the book's out, I couldn't stress myself out to do another song and a dance routine, it was just too much pressure.

"I don't want to do music as a career, but I love singing.

Quizzed on speculation that she cannot sing, she insisted: "I can sing, but I'm not a Whitney Houston or someone like that...

"To me, getting on stage to try and do a dance routine, I have to mime because I just can't do it."

Price scotched suggestions that her popularity is starting to wane.

She hit back: "I think it's absolute nonsense. My signings -- I did one on Saturday for my equestrian range -- it was absolutely packed, it was brilliant.


"It's really weird, it's like they write rubbish about me but I think people come along because they're intrigued to think 'Is she really this bad? What is going on?'

"I can't wait to do my book signings. Everything's up, my books are selling really well. But you know, it's the dramas that the papers write."

Price went on to have a pop at her own enhanced image -- comparing herself with a chipmunk.

Asked what motivates her to undergo Botox, Price said: "It's not permanent."

Price denied she was addicted to the treatment, saying: "The odd jab of Botox and that -- it's like, everyone does it.

"It's so obvious what celebrities have had it these days, and they're like: 'Oh no, I'm natural'.

"It's absolute rubbish."