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Passable pop rules on planet Jedward

Jedward YOUNG LOVE (Universal)

WITH the haters ganging up on poor Jedward after they took another cold bath at Eurovision, the duo tweeted a message of reassurance to all their "jawesome" followers.

"To all our fans who can't see us all the time and those who have never met us yet we want you to know that you are all on our mind."

So, there! Fans in Lithuania, Azerbaijan and Balbriggan can rest easy. Jedward still care.

There's no truth in the evil rumour that the more boney-faced one is annoyed that he only gets one letter in the duo's brand name.

So, it's as reliable old Jedward that they release a third album they've managed to squeeze in between jumping up and down in TV commercials and larking around with the Olympic torch.

Fans will be pleased to hear the twins resisted the urge to craft a free jazz concept album about death metal goblins running amok at an Ibiza trance party with Lou Reed and Twink. Instead, they sound surprisingly tuneful on a set of conveyor-belt songs from the pens of tried'n'tested writers of anodyne daytime radio schlock.


The aural equivalent of sugar rush, A Girl Like You charges along with a melange of punchy hooks that echo artists as diverse as Toni Basil (Hey Mickey) and The Beastie Boys. Like all passable pop, it's aspirational. "There's no more school and summer's looking hot with a girl like you...Nah-na-na-na-na."

It's difficult to spot any blockbustin' singles among these 12 tracks, which includes the boys' forgettable Eurovision entry Waterline. But fans won't be disappointed. John and Edward cover all bases, ranging from jolly knees-up (Give It Up) to love-struck (How Did You Know).

There's romance in every line. But nothing too soppy. It's romance in Jedward's hyper- energetic fastlane. "I can't forget you. Going crazy. Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba." Yes, Planet Jedward has been saved. HHHII