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O'Shea relieved to survive 2fm axe

HE is one of the few survivors of 2fm's massive schedule shake-up and radio host Rick O'Shea has said that he was "very relieved" to be left alone.

The 2fm stalwart saw the vast majority of his friends and colleagues moved around in the upheaval by new station boss Dan Healy.

O'Shea said that staff were made aware of the changes well in advance of confirmation.

"It was terrifying, but thankfully I was left alone," the Dubliner told the Herald.

"I see that as a good thing – no presenter is ever nervous about the fact that they are not being moved.

"You just go, 'ok, I am being left the way I am, let's just continue on'.

"I think the show is obviously working and viewers seem to be enjoying it so that's the main thing," added the 40-year-old.


O'Shea's frank comments come in the same week that head of 2fm radio Dan Healy said that he had to "destroy" the station in order to return it to its "glory days".

Healy was appointed as head of 2fm in April 2013 and over the past eight months the station has launched several new shows, including Breakfast Republic, The Nicky Byrne Show, The Early Early Breakfast Show and Bottom of the Barrel.