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No longer wanted? The farewell jaunt

"Is this the end?" That's the big question (really, it's flashing across the screens) as Siva Kaneswaran and his comrades consider their next step. Actually, they've already made up their minds – The Wanted lads are taking a break. A bit rash, isn't it? After all, the boyband has only been together for four years. I guess they should be happy with their lot (three albums, 10 million record sales and one top-three US hit included).

Truth be told, the One Direction phenomenon has proven a far superior exercise in teen-dream pop marketing. In comparison, The Wanted look like their older brothers – a tad more chiselled, with a lot less brylcreem on top.

Oddly, this one final spin of the wheel appears to have lit a fire under their feet, propelling them from personality-free chancers to astonishingly wholesome entertainers. It's always the way.

There are no convoluted themes, and very few bells and whistles (just a dash of fire and smoke is all). Instead, The Wanted's teary-eyed farewell jaunt is pretty straight-forward. It suits them.

Reports cite band tensions as the reason behind their forthcoming hiatus, ironic considering that they've rarely been more in sync.


All Smash-Hits swagger, leather jackets and high-street trainers, the five-piece serve up a simmering brand of cliché-riddled dance-pop and throwaway summer tunes (Glow in the Dark, Glad You Came, Walks like Rihanna) that should give 1D nothing to worry about.

Siva, the Irish one, is still struggling. Excellent cheekbones on that lad, but he's about as wooden as a plank. It's up to Nathan (mini-Bieber), Max (future model) and Tom (reality TV awaits) to share the heavy lifting. They do well. Even the highlight reel is pretty entertaining. Indeed, The Wanted squeezed a lot in – see you on the comeback trail. HHHII