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Nicky has money to Byrne in Ray rivalry

The gloves are off between 2fm's new signing Nicky Byrne and his biggest radio rival Ray D'Arcy.

The former Westlife singer is pulling out all the stops to lure listeners away from the popular presenter – even offering them cash.

On his third day on the job, Nicky dished out €1,000 to two delighted listeners after they mistakenly texted 2fm to respond to a competition being run on Today FM.

However, the money came not from Nicky's pocket but from the 2fm prize fund.

Clearly determined to make a big impact during his first week in the job, listeners heard Nicky calling up listener Liam from Buncrana.

He told him: "You entered a competition on a national rival radio station to win a grand in cash. Is that right? Well, let me tell you, Liam, let there be no confusion. Here's a grand in cash from us at 2fm. We're going to give you a grand.

"You texted us by accident and there's your thousand euro."

Co-host Jenny Greene called up another listener who made the same mistake, also giving them €1,000.

For the past number of years, Ray D'Arcy has reigned supreme on the airwaves, pulling in a massive 230,000 audience, according to the most recent JNLR figures.

Ambitious Nicky got his new role as DJ amid a massive shake-up at 2fm.

The singer is happy with the show so far, saying: "Only three days in and we seem to be causing a lot of fuss. It's brilliant that so many people are flicking over and listening in. We're having so much fun, and that's what the show is all about."

He took over the slot from Colm Hayes, who was moved to the Drive By show.