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New Year, February album: Kodaline are ready to go...





Kodaline guitarist Mark Prendergast talks New Year's resolutions, homecoming shows and releasing a new album in 2015...

What were your 2014 highlights? "We played the O2 in March and that was pretty mental. It was quite a quick turnaround for us, and pretty much everyone that we knew was at that gig. It took us a while to come down from - three or four days later, I was like, 'we actually played the O2!' It was magic, man.

"It was part of a really cool tour - we played in Killarney as well and Belfast and we did a few big shows in the UK. That was kind of a culmination of touring for about a year and a half, you know, working up towards it and doing other stuff, so it was a huge pay-off to be able to just blow off some steam and do a big show like that.

"We had a really good time at Glastonbury - I know every band probably says that, but that was amazing. And then we supported Kings of Leon in Marlay Park - that was pretty good. And just even getting the chance to get back into a room, the four of us, and play together, and write a new album and get it finished - it's great that we're going into the New Year with that already done. So yeah, we're ready to go for next year."

How do you usually spend New Year's Eve? "Well, last year I actually went into the 3 Countdown Concert - I went into see Madness play, so it's kind of funny that we're playing it this year.

"I just thought the vibe - thousands of people on the street just celebrating together, having a drink and singing and dancing, it was kind of like the perfect way to do it, so when we were asked to play it this year, it was an easy decision to say yes.

"I turned to my friend at Madness last year and I was like, "I'd love to do this" and now here we go…"

Do you ever make New Year's resolutions? "I'm pretty sure I set them every year, but I don't think I've ever kept one. I think last year, we were on the road quite a lot, it was kind of like, 'Right, I'm gonna eat really well, I'm gonna run every single day and go to the gym', but then as soon as we got back touring…

"No, some bands can do it, but I couldn't, there's just too many distractions, it was too hard to find the time to go super fit for a month, so yeah, within the space of a week I was just back to my usual self."

Which one would you like to keep in 2015?

"Maybe no drinking. One of my friends every year stops drinking and he doesn't have a drink until Paddy's Day, so I thought that'd be kind of a nice goal to set."

That's a long time off the drink...

"It is a bit too long, isn't it? My birthday is in January so that's always in the back of my head!"

The new album is released in February, so what's the big hope for 2015?

"Well, it's a worldwide release and we're doing a huge tour before the summer, and then going into festivals, so we haven't made that many plans for shows in the summer yet, but I'd love to do another homecoming show in Dublin, you know, something big.

"Everything revolves around the homecoming show, so it'd be cool to do something interesting next summer - I don't know what it is yet"

Can we expect a stadium gig?

"We'll have to wait and see what happens with the album. It's nice to dream, though…"

Kodaline headline the 3 Countdown Concert on College Green on December 31. New album, Coming Up For Air, is released February 6