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Myleene's fury after mother is mugged


 Myleene Klass. Photo: Getty

Myleene Klass. Photo: Getty

Myleene Klass. Photo: Getty

PRESENTER Myleene Klass is fuming after a thief mugged her mother and sister.

The singer took to twitter to vent her anger saying she hopes the culprits "get hit by a bus and die".

"To the person who mugged my 67-year-old mum and my sister," she wrote on twitter.

I hope you get hit by a bus and die. Slowly."

It's been a tough few months for Myleene.

The singer divorced her Irish husband Graham Quinn in August 2013 after he dumped her on her 34th birthday.


Myleene and Graham, who is the brother-in-law of Boyzone's Keith Duffy, met while Graham was working as a bodyguard for pop band Hear'Say.

They got hitched in 2011 and have two children together Ava and Hero. But things weren't meant to be.

"People say these things make you stronger but . . . it's not that I'm stronger.

"It's more that I didn't realise how strong I already was," she said after the divorce.

The singer and family are trying to recover from yesterday's attack.