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Mullingar giant lacks magic touch

The Italians are two goals up, and Bressie has just blown an amp. It's not the greatest start to a set, but as the man himself points out, that's live music for you. Anything can happen. You might even spot a magician on stage. Or a runner-up from Ireland's largest karaoke competition.

But back to the Italians (who beat the Germans, of course). "That means Ireland are as good as Germany," smiles Bressie. Whatever you say, man.

And tonight, the Mullingar giant can pretty much say anything he likes. See, the ladies love Bressie. They love Bressie so much that they're willing to look past the cardboard indie pop and see this rock'n'roll frontman-turned-TV star for the bloke he really is. Or, at least, the bloke they want him to be.

Yep, every dolled-up gal in the Academy wants to take Bressie home. Even I'm half-tempted to rush the stage and drag the big fella off for a pint. But, like Bressie, I have 'good intentions'. I only want to talk to him -- to tell him that it's not okay for a magician (Dubliner Shane Gillen) to warm up a crowd at a rock gig.


Secondly, that Conor Quinn lad from The Voice of Ireland should never have been allowed near the stage. Even if it was only for one song (the Black Keys' Lonely Boy ... dreadful karaoke indeed). And, erm, well, Bressie -- you really need to work on your songwriting.

There's no doubting the fact that Niall Breslin (his full name, girls) has a way with melody. But it's a skill that he has yet to perfect.

He can write a great chorus (Breaking My Fall), and an even better riff (Good Intentions). Blizzards' favourite Fantasy shows that Bressie also knows his way around some clever harmonies. He's just not very good at putting these ingredients together.


There's energy in the guy -- passion, too. But this has all the feel of a college social gig, with trendy backing players and dodgy covers.

He's a nice guy, Bressie -- that much is obvious. But if he really is in this for the long haul, then I suggest he step things up a gear, because all I can see is a pretty-faced pop star with a throwaway songbook. HHIII