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Where do we begin? The Photoshopped image of Queen Elizabeth giving us two middle fingers? The Will and Kate snap (caption: "United King-dumb")? Or, how about the band's T-shirts (they all read 'F*** Harvest Records')? We wouldn't expect anything less from Steven Patrick Morrissey.

Lest we forget, this is a man who does how he pleases. Given the year he's had (not only did Morrissey split from his label in 2014, he also revealed he'd received treatment for cancer), you might say he's entitled to it. But as the 55-year-old singer devotes a large chunk of tonight's concert to new album, the patchy World Peace is None of Your Business, you do start to wonder if Moz has overplayed the self-indulgence card. It's as though You Are the Quarry never happened.

A vigorous front-man with a first-rate ensemble of noise- makers by his side, Morrissey shakes hands and maracas, flying through a gig that, though speckled with brilliance (Smiths numbers on each side), too often falls flat due to a poorly assembled set list.


Nevertheless, some folks risk life and limb to touch this guy. Others hurl flowers towards the stage. "I am your servant," he exclaims after a wonderful rendition of I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris. Well, then, would you mind reaching further into that back pocket of yours, please?

The Queen is Dead hits us hard and the glorious Asleep is easily the best tune of the night (this guy's voice is still incredible). But we need to talk about Meat Is Murder and the horrendous accompanying video depicting images of farmhouse cruelty and slaughter. Christ, that one brought the tone right down (the devout vegetarian urges us to spray paint the message across town). Luckily, he still has the sensational Everyday is Like Sunday to close us out. Shirt off, roof blown - game over. The message is clear. More hits, less gore.