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Mighty Aphrodite Kylie puts glitz back in Dublin

POP princess Kylie Minogue (42) has told her Irish fans of her excitement in performing her record-breaking show in Dublin tonight.

The Antipodean beauty has revealed her delight at bringing her glitzy stage tour to the O2 arena for two nights.

Before arriving in the country today the chart-topping babe told her fans: "Dublin Dublin Dublin ... only one more sleep! Are you ready for your Aphrodite."

It will be an emotional gig for the gorgeous crooner, who played in Antwerp last weekend. She has not performed in Dublin since April 2005 shortly before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now Kylie is back with a bang, and getting rave reviews for her European tour, thanks to the jaw-dropping €25m production.

Providing it lives up to the hype, Kylie's Irish fans are in for a big treat this evening.

The bespoke stage for Aphrodite -- Les Folies has been described as one of the most complex ever created for an arena.

Featuring over a million moving parts, including 30 high impact water jets, fountains and rain curtains, the stage alone cost more than €10m.

Built by Tait Towers, the same company has also built stages for superstars like the Rolling Stones, U2 and Madonna.

And Kylie, of course, has pulled out all the stops for her dazzling outfits as she performs the show in no less than eight unique Dolce & Gabanna creations.