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Mel's 70 marriage proposals since X Factor

HER voice is not the only thing making waves since her appearance on the X Factor this year.

Dublin singer Melanie McCabe has revealed that she has been getting plenty of offers on Twitter since exiting the talent show for the fourth time.

But we're not talking record deals.

"I've got a lot of marriage proposals on Twitter since X Factor," Melanie told the Herald.

"It's like flirt central, it's quite weird."

The 20-year-old says the number of proposals have already hit 70 – and counting.

And instead of spotty teenagers, Melanie admits some offers have come from "creepy old men".

"It has been crazy, I laugh off most of them," said the petite brunette.

"Some of them I reply to as a joke, but some of them are just weird."

Despite the efforts of her male admirers, Melanie is still single and plans to stay that way because boys "wreck my head".

"I don't have a boyfriend, I want to concentrate on developing my career," she said. "I can't be dealing with their antics so I'm young, free and single."

The Whitehall native has had enough heartache this year after she was sent packing at the judges homes stage of the competition.



Despite being promised by show chiefs that this "would be her year" Nicole Scherzinger did not take her into the final 12 of the live shows.

She is also coming to terms with the loss of her family home, which is due to be sold in the coming weeks as a result of financial difficulties.

Despite being a regular at the UK X Factor auditions over the years, Melanie says that she was left shocked by the amount of admirers she has gained.

"I couldn't believe it, I am constantly being stopped in the street," she said.

"I think it was because I got a lot more air time this year, but it has been a great confidence boost."