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Melanie can go all the way, says former X Factor finalist Janet


 Melanie. Photo: PA

Melanie. Photo: PA

Melanie. Photo: PA

FORMER X Factor songstress Janet Devlin thinks Dublin singer Melanie McCabe has what it takes to go all the way in the talent show.

The Irish teenager was a finalist on the UK version of the show in 2011, where she joined Melanie at Kelly Rowland's judge's home in Miami.

Whitehall girl Melanie was sent packing by Kelly while Janet sailed through to the live shows before finishing in fifth place.

Now 18, Janet says her X Factor experience is a fond memory and she is a firm supporter of Irish representatives on the show.

Melanie (20) is the last remaining Irish contestant on this year's show and recently flew to Nicole Scherzinger's judge's home where she battled for a place on the live finals.

"Of course, I would love to see an Irish person do well on the show and it is possible," Janet told the Herald.

"I don't know Melanie very well, but she obviously has a good voice."

But the Tyrone singer warns that X Factor does not guarantee lasting success.

"You have to go into it knowing what you want from it," explained Janet.



"My goal was to meet people in the industry and have a platform for my songs."

Janet has been unable to watch this series of the X Factor due to her busy schedule, but her mum is still a fan of the show.

The petite singer has spent the last three weeks in the UK as part of her Imaginarium tour and will end her run with gigs in Dublin and Belfast this week.

The youngster will take to the stage in Dublin gig venue The Village this Friday before travelling to the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast this Saturday.

"I haven't played in Dublin in a year so it will nice to be back," Janet told the Herald.