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Looks like teen spirit – Janet shows off new red-hot look


IMAGE CHANGE: Janet Devlin

IMAGE CHANGE: Janet Devlin

IMAGE CHANGE: Janet Devlin

IMAGE CHANGE: Janet Devlin


IMAGE CHANGE: Janet Devlin

Former X Factor star Janet Devlin is channelling her inner Jessica Rabbit.

The softly spoken singer has dyed her hair a deep scarlet colour and curled her flowing hair into cascading curls. The Tyrone native has been busy promoting her album Hide and Seek and has undergone a bit of an image change.

She's ditched her blonde hair for a much more sophisticated and sexy do. Janet is currently based in the UK and has been busy shooting videos for the album and doing promo work

"I split my time between London and Sheffield. I record the album in Sheffield and go to London pretty often."

"I live in a house on my own. I play a lot of instruments a lot of the time and when I'm on my own I don't have to worry about keeping it down.

"I think it can be pretty annoying if the person you live with is wandering around strumming a guitar," she said.

The 18-year-old has penned all the tracks on her album and prefers writing to performing.

"Yep it's all my junk," she laughs. "Writing is my favourite part. I don't like recording because you have to listen to the sound of your own voice and I don't think anyone likes that," she said.

Janet missed out on making it to the X Factor semi-finals but says she never wanted to take home the top prize.

"When I went for the X Factor it wasn't to win it. I just wanted to meet people in the music industry. I got everything I expected. "Now I'm working with people I met on the show.

"My producer is Gary Barlow's best friend. So I won what I wanted to win."

While taking part in the X Factor, Janet was surprised to hear that she was directly related to the late Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain.

"It was weird because in my X Factor room I had Nirvana posters all over the walls.

"When I left the show I was getting the tube and went to buy NME and my name was on the cover and it said I was related to him."

Kurt Cobain's widow Courtney Love history.

"She told me it's because Devlin married to Cobain and then they went to America."