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Linda says new group will dance to different tune than Louis' boy band

EX-Eurovision star Linda Martin has said her new pop group will be "worlds apart" from her pal Louis Walsh's latest boy band.

In fact, the Mayo pop sup-remo suggested the idea of a new group to Linda, who has already whittled down the entrants to 20 finalists.

Auditions for the group Linda hopes will be Ireland's answer to S Club 7 took place in Dublin's Academy yesterday.

The 66-year-old has enlisted the help of panto creator Stuart O'Connor to find the next Irish music group.

"We have already narrowed it right down to 20 people because we know exactly what we are looking for," Linda told the Herald.

"A few hundred people auditioned so we are going to do call-back auditions on Wednesday and hopefully we will have the final five chosen by then.

"We had a lot of people auditioning who could sing but couldn't really move, so they weren't right for us."

Linda is looking for a female/male pop group and said her main criteria is "dancers who can sing".

"The group is going to be worlds apart from Louis' new band," Linda added.

"Louis is the one who actually suggested it to me because he saw so many good acts when he was auditioning for his group, but they just didn't fit the criteria of what he was looking for at the time."


There is no hanging around with Linda who is hoping to have her final five chosen by this Wednesday.

"There is already a producer from England and we have gigs and TV spots set up, so it is a quick process," Linda said.

"There is definitely a niche in the market for boys and girls who can sing and dance and who have the whole package.

"This is a fun group and with this mixture, two girls and three boys, we want to have it all."

Linda said there was room for both herself and Louis to enjoy success across the water.

"JLS and The Wanted are gone from the boyband scene now and we haven't seen any good mixed groups in a while so I am very excited about the future," she said.