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'Knock 'em dead', Eurovision winner Niamh Kavanagh tells hopeful Molly Sterling


Molly Sterling with Marty Whelan and Niamh Kavanagh in Vienna

Molly Sterling with Marty Whelan and Niamh Kavanagh in Vienna

Molly Sterling with Marty Whelan and Niamh Kavanagh in Vienna

SHE wasn’t even born when Niamh Kavanagh won the Eurovision but Molly Sterling revealed the former winner has “taken her under her wing”.

The two singers performed at the Irish Eurovision Concert in Vienna on Monday.

Molly, Greg French and her band performed Playing with Numbers, as well as another one of her tracks, Build Fireworks Again.

Kavanagh, who won the song contest in 1993, was the guest of honour on the night and performed her winning song, In Your Eyes.

The Eurovision legend was only too happy to give some advice to Molly.

“Own that stage. You’re going to be up there and there’ll be millions looking at you with love and support,” Niamh said.

“You just be your wonderful self and you’ll knock ’em dead.”

Molly (17) said she was touched by Niamh’s support.

“She really takes you under her wing. You feel like she really cares and understands.

She has an amazing voice. And that amazing hair – I want it,” she said.

The Tipperary native will be performing in the second semi-final tomorrow evening and said she’s looking forward to it.

“This week has been jam packed with stuff, it’s been amazing,” she said.

“The team I have around me are great support, and they’re really laid back. Our objective is just to have a good time and perform well,” she added.

The young singer has been doing lots of press since the opening ceremony on Sunday night and has received some unusual gifts.

“The opening ceremony was one of the most amazing, magical nights of my life,” she said.

“Then we went into this amazing city hall with chandeliers and a gorgeous staircase. I met the guys from Finland who are punk rockers – they were very friendly. I told Electric Velvet to tell the UK to do the right thing and support their neighbours.

“I also met the rather dishy guy who is representing Sweden. He told me to enjoy every minute of this experience. I’d love to meet Conchita properly and have the chats because I want to be her best friend. I would also love to meet Graham Norton. Fingers crossed, it will happen”.

She is still working on her album and says she is “blown away” by the opportunity to represent Ireland at the Eurovision.